Our qualifications

Qualified professionals for explosive contamination clearance.

DEMINETEC Group: An experienced team specialized in Explosives clearance

DEMINETEC. Explosives clearance
SEMTEC. Underwater work
GEODE. Global EOD Experts
DEMINETEC ECG. UXO site remediation

DEMINETEC mine disposal experts

Many DEMINETEC mine disposal experts come to us from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Our Military Qualifications

The qualifications held are of several levels and correspond to NATO standards (Stanag 2143) defining the qualifications of professionals intervening on munitions and explosives (EOD - explosive ordnance disposal):

  • Conventional munition disposal (IMEC / CMD 1&2)
  • Improvised explosive device disposal (IEEI / IEDD)
  • Biological and chemical munition disposal (IMS / BCMD)

    DEMINETEC qualifications
  • Our Civil Qualifications

    These “technical” qualifications of the DEMINETEC mine disposal experts are supported by additional degrees and qualifications, including:

  • French “level 1” professional certification Master’s degrees in QS&E management of explosives clearance operations
  • RNCP17032 qualifications “Site manager and operators in explosives clearance” as per Ministerial Order of 02 March 2020
  • RNCP14269 qualifications “Operators in explosives clearance” as per Ministerial Order of 02 March 2020
  • RNCP28080 qualifications “Operator assistance in explosives clearance” as per Ministerial Order of 04 April 2017
  • Prefectoral certifications for the use of explosive products
  • Blaster certificates as per the Order of 26 May 1997
  • Workplace first aid representatives
  • SS4 asbestos workers

    DEMINETEC qualifications
  • Our Professional Trainings.

    Finally, DEMINETEC mine disposal experts comply with the Decree 2005-1325 modified, and take quarterly trainings in order to maintain and update their knowledge and skills.
    These quarterly training programs with the support of an initial evaluation of each DEMINETEC employee following the Ministerial Order of 23 January 2006, make it possible to deliver certifications to the following positions:

  • Explosives clearance worksite managers
  • Explosives clearance operators
  • Operator assistants in explosives clearance, as per the legislation in force

    DEMINETEC qualifications
  • Our Certifications.

  • Certification ISO 9001:2015
  • Certification ISO 14001:2015
  • Certification ISO 45001:2018
  • Hyperbaric company certification PRO PPS 051
  • MASE Certification

  • Certification logos of DEMINETEC