About us

Professionals specialized in explosive contamination clearance.

DEMINETEC Group: An experienced team specialized in Explosives clearance

DEMINETEC. Explosives clearance
SEMTEC. Underwater work
GEODE. Global EOD Experts
DEMINETEC ECG. UXO site remediation

Why consult DEMINETEC?

DEMINETEC is a private company specialized in explosive risk management pertaining to munitions (UXO), search for munitions through geophysical diagnostics, mine disposal (explosives clearance) and destruction / neutralization of munitions.
The legacy of three wars on French territory (1870, 1914-1918, 1939-1945) and the operation of shooting ranges or the munitions destruction fields since the end of WWII make France one of the most “explosive” countries in the world.

Our Mission.

DEMINETEC intervenes as part of land development projects, land transfer or the reconversion of abandoned industrial zones to target and prevent the explosion risk related to unexploded explosive ordnances (UXO). Depending on the analysis carried out and the future needs or uses of the site, we secure the areas concerned (mine disposal / clearance of explosive contamination) in order to guarantee the safety of any future works on the site (construction companies, external works contractors, chemical decontamination contractors, etc.).

Approximately metric tons of munitions extracted each year in France
years’ experience

Our mine disposal experts.

DEMINETEC mine disposal experts are recognized technicians with several decades of experience in both the private sector and in service of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces (NEDEX/EOD qualifications).

Our expertise.

Our expertise and our global understanding of the risk inherent to unexploded munitions have led us to offer our customers a simple, clear, technical offer that is safe and in compliance with legislation and the protection of their interests.

Our Goal.

Our goal is to reduce or, if possible, eliminate the explosion risk due to the presence of unexploded munitions in the ground.