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DEMINETEC Group: An experienced team specialized in Explosives clearance

DEMINETEC. Explosives clearance
SEMTEC. Underwater work
GEODE. Global EOD Experts
DEMINETEC ECG. UXO site remediation

Diagnostics / Geophysics

DEMINETEC is seeking geophysicists (engineers, senior technicians and technicians) capable of intervening as a team or autonomously on explosives clearance diagnostic worksites, essentially in France. Past experience in this field is appreciated.
Mobility, an analytical mindset and teamwork are all qualities we’re looking for in candidates.

  • Engineers, senior technicians, and technicians.
  • Intervention as a team.
  • Can work independently in UXO remediation diagnostics.
  • Mobility.
  • Analytical mindset.
Specifics of the position
The positions to be filled aim to implement magnetometric, electromagnetic devices and/or GPRs on various terrains and to process data to identify potential targets. The use of topographic tools (differential GPS, tachymeters) in connection with these tools is mandatory.

Mine disposal / explosives clearance

DEMINETEC is searching for mine disposal technicians and qualified mine disposal experts, or technicians with solid experience in the world of explosives clearance to perform a series of EOD tasks (use of detectors, discovering targets, identification, neutralization of explosives) in France and nearby European countries.
Depending on the profile, the applicant may quickly move into roles with more responsibility, managing a team or coordinating a worksite.

  • Mine disposal technician or expert.
  • Solid experience.
  • Mobility in France and Europe.
  • Self-sufficient manager.
  • Worksite coordination.
Specifics of the position
The positions to be filled require solid experience to carry out a series of EOD tasks (use of detectors, discovery of targets, identification, neutralization of explosives)

Our opportunities

There are always opportunities for short-term, medium-term, or project-by-project contracts and, for the right candidates, permanent contracts.
All new arrivals will be subject to an interview that includes an initial evaluation of their skills in order to define the position that can be offered to them in connection with any additional training required for this position.
Possibilities for work abroad are limited and work will mainly take place in France.

CV details
  • Training and experience in geophysics, diagnostics, and explosives clearance
  • Training in a military context.
  • Training in a sales context.
  • Mobility in France (between départements, regions, nationally).
  • Mobility abroad.

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